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Metrical history assumes two forms: (1) It is the study of variation in the metrical value of individual elements in the system. In the course of developing his theory of Germanic meter, Sievers discovered that many abnormal verses in Old English can be regularized by dropping vowels before resonants when they are of West Germanic origin.

The most trusted evidence of metrical change in Old English verse has always been the occurrence of vowel contraction.

More exactly, metre comprises the patterns of stressed (or emphasised) and unstressed syllables, which are inherent in spoken language, but take on a more regulated form in poetry. The Rhythm of Beowulf: an interpretation of the normal and hypermetric verse-forms in Old English poetry.

As Amos puts it, '[it] is as if we knew that Sir Philip Sidney wrote in the late sixteenth century and Wallace Stevens in the mid-twentieth century, but could not assign even relative dates within that period to the work of Dickens and Shakespeare' (pg 1). Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1991.] Russom, Geoffrey.

One of the more interesting, and empirically-sound, clues to the date of composition of Beowulf lies in a consideration of certain aspects of the metre of the poem.

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