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remember, is a dating site that allows members to vote on hopeful enlistees based on their looks, ensuring that people who belong meet certain standards of both attractiveness and shallowness.

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Interested in being part of one of our upcoming videos? I am writing about the girls who were left disappointed by some guy in their life. You had our expectations so high to only have the world come crashing down around us. Whether we were talking, dating, or even just friends you still let us down in a way we never thought you would. After you disappointed us, we were left to question everything that we had ever done. Are we the reason you walked away even with all that we had planned? You just made it that much harder for us to let another guy in because we are worried that the same exact type of occurrence is going to happen to us. The best approach to sex is mutually amazing intimacy and the greatest way to experience mutually amazing intimacy is sober (when no alcohol or drugs have numbed the nervous system – when you feel everything).

Today, we are talking dating tips and take it from me – a girl who was double dumped and unlucky in love – sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and make that sh*t happen. When you can talk openly and passionately with your partner, sexual intimacy becomes even more fun and sexy.The key is always honoring each other’s boundaries and not trying to change the other person’s mind. If you think, “Asking would seem weird”, what you are actually revealing is how “weird” you feel about your own sexual wants, desires, needs, and/or boundaries.To wrap up our Dating Safety series, this week we’re talking dating safety in relationships with the founder of Date Safe Project, Mike Domitrz.From verbal consent to broaching the subject with your teens or college aged kids, Mike shares his safety suggestions.What advice would you give to these parents for starting a healthy discussion with their kids?